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As your funeral officiant, I promise to serve you with respect, sensitivity, and professionalism, to respect your unique beliefs, values, and cultural background, and to provide you with a personalized ceremony over which you have complete choice and final approval. Together, we will create a transformational and healing ceremony that celebrates your loved one’s life and impact on the world.



Linda Stuart

Linda is the right person at the right time doing the right thing. This is a perfect fit for her as a human being. She leads with her heart and walks along whatever journey people are on. I’m a fan.
Drew Marshall, Broadcaster & Host of The Drew Marshall Show


Do you want to celebrate and honour your loved one’s life with a funeral that is uniquely different and creatively modern?
When you envision your loved one’s funeral, is the opportunity to share stories and foster connection at its centre?
In your time of loss, would you like a caring, compassionate officiant to guide you through the process of creating and performing the ceremony?

I’m Linda Stuart, a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant™ and Officiant servicing the Toronto area who specializes in working with families in their difficult times of loss to create one-of-a-kind funerals that are transformational experiences remembered by all in attendance. Let me guide you in all the details of your loved one’s funeral ceremony so that you can focus on what is most important: remembering and healing.


As a Life-Cycle Celebrant, I work with families who want their loved one’s life to be captured and celebrated in joyful, inspiring, and thoughtful ways. Families who recognize the importance of connection in times of grief and who are open to sharing their stories. People who want a funeral ceremony that is truly handcrafted. With so much emphasis placed on living an authentic life, why would you want to end it with a cookie-cutter funeral?

I understand how vulnerable families feel when they suffer a loss and suddenly need to plan to honour their loved one’s life through ceremony. Let me create a comfortable space for us to connect so that I can listen as you share your intimate family stories. Together, we can stitch together a tapestry of memories, rituals, music, and poetry to celebrate your loved one in an authentic way. I’ll listen to what you want and what you don’t want and honour all of your choices. You are in control of your loved one’s legacy.


We’ll begin with an initial no-obligation phone call so that you can get to know me and see if I am the right fit for your family. Once you engage me, I’ll meet in your home—or at any other place where you feel at ease—to interview your family and any other friends you wish to have input into the ceremony.

Our time together might last several hours and is an opportunity to dig deep into your memories and emotions as we pore over photos, share stories, and brainstorm special ways to ensure that the funeral ceremony captures your loved one’s personality and beliefs. This process of remembering and sharing often comes with both tears and laughter and can begin to foster healing. My family has been involved with funerals since I was a girl, and I am comfortable sitting with you in your grief while gently drawing out the background needed to create the ceremony.

I’ll then spend hours researching, writing, and shaping the ceremony. With my specialized education and years of experience, I’m able to suggest readings, poetry, rituals, and music, but ultimately you have full and final approval over every aspect of the ceremony. With my background in ceremonial public speaking, you can feel secure entrusting your loved one’s funeral to me on the day of the ceremony.

Together, we’ll craft a healing and transformational funeral ceremony that your family and friends will remember for years.


Shirley’s children and grandchildren wanted to celebrate a funny lady who loved her family, the occasional glass of CC and water, and a good game of golf. We crafted an afternoon of remembrance punctuated by applause, tears, and laughter as her family celebrated Shirley’s roles as a Sunday school teacher, Bridge Club member and, most importantly, the heart of their household.

“The time Linda spent getting to know us and drawing out stories of mom was matched by the effort she spent in finding a theme that was pitch-perfect special in every way. I lost count of those who said it was the best funeral they had ever attended.”

-Jo-Ann Zoon
* * *

Michelle and Aimee came to me after they were told their two-year-old daughter Stella Joy had a fatal brain tumor and only months to live. I met with the three of them in their home over tea and sweets, helping to plan a service just as unique, energetic, multi-faceted, and beautiful as their little girl. We celebrated her sparkling essence with music, meditation, readings, and Stella’s staple, chocolate Timbits!

“With a full chapel, Linda used her storytelling skills, warmth, and incredible energy to bring laughter, tears, and everything in between to those of us who came together to honour Stella’s life. Her gifts for listening and creating made a horrible experience truly positive for us. I believe Linda is meant to help families heal and create beauty in the most challenging circumstances.”

-Michelle Methven
* * *

Mabel was an accomplished professional and a passionate and generous wife, mother, and mentor. She climbed mountains and moved mountains, always taking the time to enjoy the journey and relish the view. We created a funeral with a mountain theme that included a letter from her husband and a heartfelt message to her children.

“People could not believe that Linda did not know Mabel. She created and presented a marvelous and personal tribute which would have been loved by my wife. I am glad Linda has found this role in her life because she is truly meant to do this.”

-Stewart Thompson
* * *


Click through the questions on the right to learn how we can work together to create your loved one’s funeral.


What is a Life-Cycle Celebrant?
As a Life-Cycle Celebrant, I am a professional officiant trained in the history of ritual and ceremony and the traditions of many cultures, beliefs, and religions. I am an expert in ceremony design and creation and the art of ceremonial public speaking. I use this knowledge to create and perform personalized ceremonies that reflect my client’s beliefs, backgrounds, and personalities.
Who should choose a Life-Cycle Celebrant?
Anyone and everyone! Whether you are secular, religious, spiritual, nondenominational, part of an interfaith or multicultural family, or if you simply wish to express yourself in your own way, I can help you create a funeral ceremony for your loved one that respects all that is meaningful to you.
What makes a Celebrant funeral unique?
In a Celebrant ceremony, you are empowered. In a collaborative process, I will guide you in choosing rituals, readings, symbols, and music to fulfill your vision. The funerals I create and perform are as varied as the lives of the amazing people I have the honour to celebrate.
Where do you perform ceremonies?
I serve anyone in the Greater Toronto Area.
What can we include in a funeral for our loved one?
The possibilities are endless. You can share your loved one’s life story and impact, honour family and friends with special roles, pay tribute to your heritage, and include favourite music and readings. You can include rituals with centuries of history – like candle lightings – or create one-of-a-kind original elements using symbols meaningful to your family. You can even have fun, bringing laughter to the beginning of the healing process. There truly are no rules.
How will we work together?
We’ll first meet in person or by phone or Skype for a complimentary interview so that you can get to know me and see if I am a good fit for your family. Once you hire me, we’ll meet again, usually in your home where we can easily access photos and mementos of your loved one, for an in-depth conversation. I’ll listen to your stories and brainstorm creative and authentic ways to honour your loved one’s life with ceremony. I’ll then spend hours researching and writing the funeral and you’ll have final approval over the script. On the day of the ceremony, I’ll arrive at least 30 minutes early to make sure everything is in place, and officiate with compassion and professionalism.
Are you available for pre-planning funeral ceremonies?
Yes. I am honoured to work with families and individuals in planning funeral ceremonies in advance, whether someone is facing a terminal diagnosis or would simply like to provide their family with guidance. There is no greater gift you can give your family than knowledge of how you would like to be honoured.
Are you available for ceremonies of disposition?
Yes. I will assist your family in writing and performing ceremonies of disposition, whether it be graveside at the cemetery, at the placement of the urn in a columbarium, or by ash scattering in a place that is significant to your loved one.
Where can I find more information on funerals in general?
Love Lives On is a wonderful resource centre for when you’ve lost someone you love. https://www.loveliveson.com
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