You CAN have exactly the wedding ceremony you want.

Let’s work together to bring your one-of-a-kind vision for your wedding to life.

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As your wedding officiant, I promise to serve you with respect, sensitivity, and professionalism, to respect your unique beliefs, values, and cultural background, and to provide you with a personalized ceremony over which you have complete choice and final approval. Together, we’ll create a unique wedding ceremony that perfectly reflects your relationship and hopes for the future.



Linda Stuart

We are still hearing from so many about how lovingly personal the wedding ceremony Linda created was and how it enabled everyone to get to know Matt and Courtney even more. Linda did such a beautiful job wrapping their love story into the ceremony. She has created lifelong memories for our entire family.
Nancy Lonergan-Larsh


Do you want the freedom to create a one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony that reflects your beliefs and vision?
When you imagine your wedding, is your ceremony—the words spoken, the vows exchanged, and the emotions evoked—the most important part of your day?
Are you looking for a caring expert to help guide you through the process of crafting and performing your ceremony?

I’m Linda Stuart, a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant™ and licensed marriage officiant in the Province of Ontario and servicing the Toronto area. I’m here to tell you that you CAN have exactly the wedding ceremony you envision – one that connects you, your partner, and your family and friends in memorable and magical ways.


As a Life-Cycle Celebrant and Officiant, I work with couples who want to dig deep to get to the heart of what matters on their special day. Couples who want to place their love story at the center of their celebration. Couples who are more concerned with the vows they exchange than the flavour of their cake.

I don’t use any templates, I don’t fill in the blanks, and I certainly don’t just show up on your special day and read. What would be the fun in that? Instead, every ceremony I write and perform is uniquely created for the couple in front of me. Each component – vows, poetry, stories, music, readings, and rituals – is conceived only after an in-depth interview with you. I also listen to what you don’t want, and ensure that you have final approval over every aspect of your ceremony. You’re in control.

I bring to my work as a officiant years of experience as well as expert training in ceremony writing, ceremony performance, and public speaking. You can feel secure entrusting your stories to me on your special day.


We’ll begin with an initial no-obligation phone call so that you can get to know me and see if I am the right fit for your family. It all starts with a relaxed, no-obligation consultation in person or by phone. During this time, we will discuss your vision and you’ll see glimpses of your ceremony coming to life.

Once you are comfortable and have made the decision to proceed, we will meet to brainstorm and delve deeper. I promise you this process is painless and often incredibly enlightening and beneficial for those who participate. I am easy to talk to and known for my natural ability to draw out the stories and emotions necessary to craft a memorable celebration.

Once I fully understand your needs, I will spend hours writing, researching and weaving your moments into a fresh and modern one-of-a-kind ceremony. With my specialized education and years of experience, I’m able to suggest readings, poetry, rituals and music, but ultimately you have full and final approval of your ceremony.

Nothing is ever imposed on you, giving you complete control from beginning to end.

Finally, in cases where a rehearsal is desired, I am happy to oblige. I will do everything possible to ensure that you are comfortable with the content, flow, and delivery of your ceremony.

Together, we will create a magical moment to be forever remembered by all in attendance.


Courtney and Matt wanted a unique unity ritual—something beyond the usual candle lighting—so we created something to honour the bride’s passion for horses and the groom’s skill in building and construction. To symbolize their commitment to work together and as a sweet wish for their future, the couple nailed two horseshoes representing good luck into a frame lovingly handcrafted by Matt and now displayed proudly in their home.

“We are still hearing from so many about how lovingly personal the wedding ceremony Linda created was and how it enabled everyone to get to know Matt and Courtney even more. Linda did such a beautiful job wrapping their love story into the ceremony. She has created lifelong memories for our entire family.”

-Nancy Lonergan-Larsh
* * *

Tina and JP wanted to include a ritual that reflected the bride’s spiritual background as a yoga and meditation teacher. Together, we created a beautiful handfasting with multi-coloured ribbons that glistened in the sun, as well as a unity ceremony blending purple, black, and white sands symbolizing clarity, grounding, love, compassion, peace, harmony, and health.

“Linda was absolutely amazing from the start. She listened to our story and asked us the best questions to create the most unique and personal ceremony. She writes beautifully and presents herself so well. Linda was able to incorporate everything we wanted, from a handfasting to a sand blending ceremony. I recommend Linda to everyone!”

-Tina Addorisio & John-Paul Lombardi
* * *

Bob and Janis came to me having both been married before and, in Janis’s words, feeling a bit “awkward” about the ceremony. Through our conversations, we landed on a simple but heartfelt theme of friendship that captured the essence of their relationship in a caring, loving, and spiritual way.

Linda never suggested or told us what to do. Instead, she led us to finding and making our own answers and decisions. Bob and I were not only relieved, but completely confident in turning the reins over to Linda. She is driven by a genuine interest in each couple and their individual love story and the desire to reflect what they truly want on their special day.”

Janis & Bob Griffin
* * *


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What is a Life-Cycle Celebrant?
As a Life-Cycle Celebrant, I am a professional officiant trained in the history of ritual and ceremony and the traditions of many cultures, beliefs, and religions. I am an expert in ceremony design and creation and the art of ceremonial public speaking. I use this knowledge to create and perform personalized ceremonies that reflect my client’s beliefs, backgrounds, and personalities.
Who should choose a Life-Cycle Celebrant?
Anyone and everyone! Whether you are secular, religious, spiritual, nondenominational, part of an interfaith or multicultural couple, or if you simply wish to express yourself in your own way, I can help you create a wedding that respects all that is meaningful to you.
What makes a Celebrant wedding unique?
In a Celebrant ceremony, you are empowered. In a collaborative process, I will guide you in choosing rituals, readings, symbols, and music to fulfill your vision. The weddings I create and perform are as varied as the wonderful couples I meet.
Where do you perform ceremonies?
I serve anyone in the Greater Toronto Area.
Are you legally able to marry us?
Yes! I am licensed by the Government of Ontario to legally officiate weddings and can assist you in filing the required paperwork.
What can we include in our wedding?
The possibilities are endless! You can share your love story, honor your family, pay tribute to your heritage, and include any music and readings that best illuminate your personalities. You can include rituals with centuries of history – like the unity candle – or create one-of-a-kind original elements. You can write original vows that reflect the promises that matter to your marriage. There are no rules!
How will we work together?
We’ll first meet in person or by phone or Skype for a complimentary interview so that you can get to know me and see if I am a good fit for your family. Once you hire me, we’ll meet again, usually in your home where we can easily access photos and mementos of your loved one, for an in-depth conversation. I’ll listen to your stories and brainstorm creative and authentic ways to honour your loved one’s life with ceremony. I’ll then spend hours researching and writing the funeral and you’ll have final approval over the script. On the day of the ceremony, I’ll arrive at least 30 minutes early to make sure everything is in place, and officiate with compassion and professionalism.
Do you provide rehearsals?
Yes! I highly recommend that you schedule a rehearsal. The rehearsal is a great way to work out choreography and ease nerves, but it’s much more than that. This time together before the big day provides an unhurried opportunity to be present and contemplate this life-transforming moment, and to begin the process of connection among family and friends in the wedding party.
Do you officiate at same-sex weddings?
Of course! I proudly serve all couples with unique, personalized weddings that will be remembered by family and friends for years to come.
What do Life-Cycle Celebrants believe?
I believe in the power of ceremony! Celebrants are trained to focus on the values and priorities of the client so that the ceremony is a reflection of the honoree. I do not bring my personal beliefs into the process of designing your wedding.
Do you perform other types of ceremonies?
Yes! I officiate at all types of life-cycle ceremonies, from baby namings and adoption ceremonies, to ceremonies that mark coming of age and milestone birthdays, to rites of passage like funerals and memorials. I also develop ceremonies to enrich daily life and for community, corporate, and civic events. There are so many opportunities to use ceremony and ritual for healing and celebration, to create connections among families, friends, neighbors, and colleagues.
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