Passionate, impactful, engaging talks that instantly captivate.

Inspirational stories that foster connection through shared experience.

Her modern approach will have you rethinking how we live, celebrate, and honour life.

“Beautiful, transformational, inspiring. That is the essence of Linda. I will take away that funerals are a gift to those you love. They can be a true, powerful and loving reflection of who you really are.”

– Louise Le Gat

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Linda Stuart is a Life-Cycle Celebrant and Reinvention Life Coach who is passionate about helping others experience transformational, healing and inspirational life moments through the power of ceremony and self-discovery. Always a celebrant at heart, she has crafted countless modern ceremonies to celebrate life, mourn death, mark milestones and cross thresholds. An accomplished writer, her work has been published numerous times and featured in many trade magazines. She is co-founder of The Toronto Death Cafe, a space where people gather to discuss death in order to better understand how to make the most of their finite lives. As a professional speaker, she frequently gives talks on the value of funerals and the importance of creating authentic, meaningful, relevant ceremonies and experiences for families. 



Linda Stuart

Linda has a rare gift to instantly captivate her audience. Through her careful and well thought out words, Linda’s messages are always clearly articulated and delivered with considerable passion to evoke inspiration in her audience. Linda is always a pleasure to work with.
Jo-Anne Rogerson, Executive Director, Ontario Association of Cemetery & Funeral Professionals
Linda Stuart is one of the warmest and brightest speakers with that rare combination of both refreshing content and real-life tools to bring “Ceremonies that Matter” into action within your own workplace. You will be fully engaged!
Holly Baxter Bridgers, Cincinnati, Ohio
Linda’s signature traits – genuine warmth, the personal touch and quiet elegance – help to create trust among those present, which brings out the best in others.
Chander Khanna, Ontario Community Coordinator Institute of Noetic Sciences
Linda is the right person at the right time doing the right thing. This is a perfect fit for her as a human being. She leads with her heart and walks along whatever journey people are on. I’m a fan.
Drew Marshall, Broadcaster & Host of The Drew Marshall Show
Linda Stuart is among the most inspirational and convincing speakers I have ever heard. Impassioned and articulate, her message is as clear and believable as her delivery. I would listen to her speak again on the same material as readily as I would listen to her speak on new material–she is just that convincing and clearly a lovely human being.
Melanie Nugent, Funeral Services Student, Humber College, Toronto
Linda inspired me to look at funerals in an uplifting and beautiful way. It was totally transformational to realize that funerals are an opening to healing and a gift you give to those who love you. Linda has a stage presence that oozes warmth, poise and passion.
Julie Henderson
I never thought I would be interested in talking about my funeral, but now I am! Linda’s sincerity is evident and she’s so courageous to talk about a topic that likely makes most people uncomfortable. Linda brings passion, peace and beauty to such a difficult topic creating ease for the audience.
Cori Brock Cooper
Linda’s soft and rich voice soothes her audience while she opens their minds to the beauty, peace and comfort that rituals and ceremony can bring to funerals, weddings, and other times of celebrations.
Jo Ann Kobuke
Linda was a huge hit with our membership! Her having firsthand, intimate experience within funeral service was helpful in building rapport, but it was her gentle spirit, fresh perspective, and open heart that connected with our members engaging them to become better caregivers focusing on meaningful, value driven experiences for their families!
Andy Clayton, CFSP, Executive Director, Indiana Funeral Directors Association
Linda is passionate about her subject matter, articulate, and engages her audience. The way she speaks connects with the listener and draws them in.
Jennett Jackson, Publisher, The Funeral Chronicle
I have not heard anyone give as compassioned and spot-on talk about the importance of the ceremony. During Linda’s relevant and inspiring talk, I kept thinking to myself, “YES! Finally, someone  is driving the message of the real value this industry offers.
Todd Mannix, Vice President, Cooperative Funeral Fund Inc.
We have had the pleasure of having Linda present twice on our WilbertEDU webinar platform. Her content and excellent manner in presenting her material is phenomenal. We survey our audiences after each of our webinars, and on a scale of 1-5, where 5 is the top, Linda comes out at a 4.8 every time! We cannot wait to have her back again! I highly recommend hiring Linda!
Kathleen Berry
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