Your milestones deserve acknowledgment and celebration.

Let’s create rituals and ceremonies to honour all of the triumphs and challenges on your journey.

Ceremonies that mindfully mark the large and small moments on your life’s path.


As your Life-Cycle Celebrant & Officiant, I promise to serve you with respect, sensitivity, and professionalism, to respect your unique beliefs, values, and cultural background, and to provide you with a personalized ceremony over which you have complete choice and final approval. Together, we’ll create an innovative ceremony to honour all the phases of your life.



Linda Stuart

Thanks to Linda’s passion for her work we have lifelong memories of welcoming our beautiful baby girl to the world, and we set the foundation for strong bonds with her guide-parents as a result of the touching, meaningful ceremony.
Melissa Gaskell


Are you looking to welcome a new child into your family with a ceremony that is uniquely yours?
Would you like to gather a few supportive friends to mindfully mark the difficult transition of divorce?
As you reach milestone birthdays, do you want to embrace your new age with a meaningful celebration that goes beyond a mere party?

I’m Linda Stuart, a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant™ and Officiant servicing the Toronto area, and I am here to design innovative ceremonies and rituals to help you honour all the phases of your life. There are so many opportunities to use ceremony and ritual for healing and celebration and to create connections among families, friends, neighbours, and colleagues. Yours can be a private, personal moment just for you or a true celebration surrounded by supportive and loving friends and family.

Personal ceremonies honour all the transformations in our lives.

The moments and milestones in our journeys deserve acknowledgement and celebration. We marry and divorce. We welcome children into our families through birth or adoption. We build and change our careers. We move to new homes and cities. We survive physical and mental illnesses and the loss of family and friends.

Ceremony fulfills a deep human need to mark these rites of passages, creating a sacred time and space to ease our way through life’s transformations. Ceremony allows us to mindfully focus on the present and meaningfully engage in something more powerful than words. By creating a safe and comforting space to say goodbye to something old and welcome something new, ceremony allows us to move through the seasons of our lives with dignity and grace.

Let me design the perfect ceremony to pay tribute to all the stops on your life journey.

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, slowing down to acknowledge the transitions in life can be deeply healing and profoundly inspiring.

Let me help you create a one-of-a-kind ceremony to mark your rites of passage.


Melissa and James came to me to design a modern name blessing ceremony for their new daughter. We told the story behind her name’s meaning as her newly appointed guide-parents made vows in their important roles as mentors. Family and friends then participated in a unique pearl wisdom ritual, sharing wishes for this darling girl’s life.

“Thanks to Linda’s passion for her work we have lifelong memories of welcoming our beautiful baby girl to the world, and we set the foundation for strong bonds with her guide-parents as a result of the touching, meaningful ceremony.”

-Melissa Gaskell
* * *

Shellee came to me seeking a meaningful but fun way to mark her 50th birthday. Because her sparkling personality lights up any room, we created a special candle ritual symbolizing her dazzling light and bright future. She lit the taper, crossing the half century milestone surrounded by cheering friends and family.

“Turning 50 was a big deal for me and I wanted a celebration that marked not only this milestone but also my gratitude for the people in my life who make it special. Linda crafted a brilliant diamond-themed gathering with a touching candle-lighting to ease me with grace into the next sparkling chapter of my life.”

-Shellee Stinson
* * *

As part of The Ontario Association of Cemetery and Funeral Professionals 100th anniversary commemoration, we turned to the symbolism of flowers to honour the organization’s achievements. With 100 carnations representing the association’s longevity, we paid tribute to members who had passed and, with a single golden rose signifying gratitude and optimism, we honoured its bright future.

Through her careful and well thought out words, Linda brought considerable passion to our anniversary celebration, evoking inspiration in her audience. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Jo-Anne Rogerson, Executive Director, OACFP
* * *


Click through the questions on the right to learn how we can work together to create ceremonies and rituals for your life’s moments and milestones.


What is a Life-Cycle Celebrant?
As a Life-Cycle Celebrant, I am a professional officiant trained in the history of ritual and ceremony and the traditions of many cultures, beliefs, and religions. I am an expert in ceremony design and creation and the art of ceremonial public speaking. I use this knowledge to create and perform personalized ceremonies that reflect my client’s beliefs, backgrounds, and personalities.
What makes a Celebrant ceremony unique?
In a Celebrant ceremony, you are empowered. In a collaborative process, I will guide you in choosing rituals, readings, symbols, and music to fulfill your vision. The ceremonies I create and perform are as varied as the amazing people they honour.
Where do you perform ceremonies?
I serve anyone in the Greater Toronto Area.
What can we include in our ceremony?
The possibilities are endless! You can share your story, honour your family, pay tribute to your heritage, and include any music and readings that best illuminate your personalities. You can include rituals with centuries of history or create one-of-a-kind original elements. Together, we can brainstorm fun, healing, inspiring, and innovative ways to mark your rite of passage in your unique way. There truly are no rules.
How will we work together?
We’ll first meet in person or by phone or Skype for a complimentary interview so that you can get to know me and see if I am a good fit for your ceremony and so I can learn more about your needs. Once you hire me, I’ll provide you with a detailed questionnaire and we’ll meet for an in-depth conversation so that I can learn your stories and brainstorm unique elements to include in your ceremony. I’ll then spend hours researching and writing and you’ll have final approval over the ceremony script. On the day of the event, I’ll arrive at least 30 minutes early to make sure everything is in place for a perfect ceremony, and officiate with warmth and professionalism.
What do Life-Cycle Celebrants believe?
I believe in the power of ceremony! Celebrants are trained to focus on the values and priorities of the client so that the ceremony is a reflection of the honouree. I do not bring my personal beliefs into the process of designing your ceremony.
What types of ceremonies do you perform?
Yes! I officiate at all types of life-cycle ceremonies, from baby namings and adoption ceremonies, to ceremonies that mark coming of age and milestone birthdays, to familiar rites of passage like weddings and funerals. I also develop ceremonies to enrich daily life and for community, corporate, and civic events. The opportunities to use ceremony and ritual to mindfully mark our days on earth are endless.
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