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Join me as I share stories, tips, and insights about creating authentic ceremonies and transformational moments to honour your journey through life.

A Romantic Riverside Wedding Ceremony at Cambridge Mill

Linda StuartWeddings1 Comment

Wedding Ceremony

“Since our wedding, so many of our friends and family have told us that our wedding ceremony was the most beautiful ceremony they’ve ever witnessed. We couldn’t agree more. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us our perfect ceremony, Linda!” I SO love working with couples who value the ceremony experience on their wedding day. And from our … Read More

Why Choose a Life-Cycle Celebrant?

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Life Cycle Celebrant

  When my husband and I were wed in 2004, Celebrants were really not a “thing” in Toronto and Life-Cycle Celebrants were virtually non-existent. So what did we do? With David’s input, I wrote our ceremony, beginning to end and handed it to the officiant at our rehearsal party. He was an older gentleman, who had been leading wedding ceremonies … Read More

Saying “I Do” All Over Again

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Saying I Do, All over again

Our 10th Wedding Anniversary was swiftly approaching. And while this self-proclaimed girlie-girl will always welcome bright and shiny anniversary gifts, that year I also hoped for something warm and fuzzy to carry us through the next chapter of our love story. (Shallow confession: I still hoped for something just a teeny bit sparkly.) I wanted us to renew our vows. … Read More

Will you Marry Me…And my Children?

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Will you Marry Me... And my Children?

I froze with anticipation and fear. Could this be a cruel joke? Maybe the little box contained earrings instead of the engagement ring I longed for. A moment earlier, David had called over to me from the seventh tee—appropriately named “Triumph”—at Bell Bay Golf Course in Cape Breton. “Linda, can you grab me a ball from the sleeve?” As he … Read More