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Join me as I share stories, tips, and insights about creating authentic ceremonies and transformational moments to honour your journey through life.

Bright Lights and Broken Hearts

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How to Cope When the Holidays Hurt

It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year: Bright lights, cheerful greetings, the jubilant faces of excited children, and tasty treats everywhere you go. It’s a time for family to come together, for friends to celebrate, for treasured heirloom decorations to be dusted off and proudly displayed in places of honour. It’s a time for reflection and … Read More

Accepting the Season of Loss

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Accepting the Season of Loss

  I sleepily stirred my coffee while attempting to focus my blurry vision on the shards of ice that covered the backyard deck and patio furniture. I stared in disbelief out the window. The calendar said it was still autumn, but my feet, cold and bare on the porcelain floor, told a different story. A frosty surge of sadness travelled … Read More

Rituals for a Happily Ever After

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Rituals for a Happily Ever After

Not much distracts me from my novel when I’m on the beach in Grand Cayman, but I often find myself enchanted with Betty and Doug and their romantic sunset ritual. Apparently, my husband David does too. “Is that what “Happily Ever After” looks like?” he asked me, as we observed the elderly couple from our beach loungers. The evening ritual … Read More